Monday, July 7, 2008

Just some Independence Day Thoughts

So I hope everyone's Independence Day celebrations went off with less police interference and more drunkenness than mine did. I say Independence Day because I think it's important to remember the true significance of the holiday, rather than just calling it the 4th of July and shooting off some fireworks. Maybe it's the history degree I earned, but I've always found the revolution and the formation of the United States to be one of the most interesting and history-altering events in the history of mankind, and I think that more people should think about the sacrifices (and gargantuan balls) it took to give the English the middle finger and decide we could do it our own way without their interference. Plus, we really just didn't want to pay taxes when we weren't being represented. But over 230 years later, here we are, the great melting pot experiment, chugging along (albeit with a faltering economy and a lack of a true national identity). But enough about that. Hope it was a good time for all of you, and hopefully your liver is in better shape than mine.

My holiday was marred by one cop and his day-altering decision to be a dick and not only give minors to kids with a BAC of .005, but take our six cases of beer and several bottles at 2:00 in the afternoon. Now, I understand that they don't want minors drinking. So fine, give them the ticket (even though that's about one sip of beer). But to take 15 people's alcohol supply on a sunny holiday? That's just un-American and a douche-tastic move of epic proportions. The other 3 boat cops with him were all apologizing to us quietly on the side, all the while the prohibition officer who apparently stole the Delorean and came to ruin our party was confiscating a couple hundred bucks worth of our beer. We even offered to pour all of it out right in front of them, but we know that wasn't an option, because it was pretty apparent that Turd Sandwich and his buddies were planning to dispose of it in their own mouths. I'd rather have seen all that golden brew be dumped into the lake than in the hands of a power-hungry jackass with a power trip that was obviously compensating for his low IQ and feelings of penile inadequacy. But hey, maybe I'm just bitter.

Other than that, I still had a good weekend. Any weekend you can spend in the company of good friends with a beer in hand is one to be cherished, because it's stuff like that that gets you through your weeks at work where you wonder why you keep plugging away with no end in sight. Life is about memories, and while there was one bad one this weekend, I made others that more than make up for it. Hope everyone had a good one, and (this never fails to sound cheesy, but I really do mean it when I write it) God Bless America.